Mrs.Mbono Dube Wife of patient who underwent DBS
Mrs.Mbono Dube
June 2013, I took a 58 year oldman who could not walk straight, who was bending and looking 70 years plus, to India. That same June, I brought back a different The professor Obed Dube, walking straight.
Mr. Sharma Son of patient who underwent DBS
Mr. Sharma
Now he can lead the normal life and the smile that we were searching is back on his face. Tears were rolling down from his eyes and he was thanking God and Dr. Paresh K. Doshi. He told me that Dr. Paresh Doshi has come as a God to his life to rescue him.
Mrs. Bhatt Wife of PD patient who underwent DBS
Mrs. Bhatt
“We feel that we should have come to you 2-3 years before, but he is destined to become normal now.
Sitaram Shetty DBS patient, August, 2012
Sitaram Shetty
“it was Dr. Paresh Doshi whose published success record motivated me to approach him with a hope that Yes I can be cured.
Rodney King Patient suffering OCD with depression
Rodney King
Three months ago doctors from Sydney Prince of Wales Hospital suggested that Mr.Rodney King ( son) opt for Neurosurgery treatment in Jaslok Hospital to treat his OCD.
Fridah Nyiva Surgery for Seizure disorder
Fridah Nyiva
I AM DOING WELL…….i want to thank you soooo…. much for the treatment. Is like you save my life. i have never had seizure again since i left. Whenever i remember this , I feel like crying for how grateful i am.
Father of the patient Surgery for Seizure disorder
Father of the patient
Manisha was consulted to several doctors in Raipur , Bangalore & Chennai in search of hope to find remedy for her Epilepetic seizure disorder. She was on Epileptic medication for several years. Doctors did advised her for surgery but none of them offered complete assurance & confidence to us about surgical intervention for Manisha’s seizure disorder.
Dinesh Patel DBS patient , October 2013
Dinesh Patel
I have been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for the past 7 years with dystonia , dyskinesia & depression . I am happy to report that I have been able to reclaim my life after the DBS operation with reduction in depression , dystonia & dyskinesia. I can’t appreciate & recommend the work done by Dr.Paresh Doshi enough.
Benjamin Ward Patient undergone DBS for depression
Benjamin Ward
“Everything is going very well. I started working 3 weeks ago, its gone well. I am getting into the routine of it now and it is a lot easier now, compared to when i was unwell. Its good being able to work and to be able to support myself. I am now doing everything i used to do before i got sick [work, church, friends, exercise, beach and motorbikes] which is amazing and i feel pretty much completely better. I am more than happy to do so because DBS has changed my life. I had want people who were in my situation to hear that DBS is a treatment for depression and that it is possible to get. I was lucky that i found out about the treatment 2 years ago on the internet. Because if i had not found it myself, i still would probably not have heard about it, let alone had the surgery. Thanks again to you and all your team for all your help.
Jacqueline Cohen from USA DBS for Depression
Jacqueline Cohen from USA
As soon as they turned on the electrodes my feeling of dread, despondency and wishing I was dead and the extreme anxiety almost completely subsided. It felt incredible. I would like to thank Dr Paresh Doshi & his entire team from the bottom of my heart. I had never received such incredible & compassionate care. The whole team has been amazing, thorough and dedicated. I feel like they have saved my life .Everyone is unbelievably professional and humane. It is such a well-rounded team. They calmed & encouraged throughout the whole process. The whole team made me feel like I was being so well cared for on every level and every day they provided excellent care. I am amazed at the care I am given.
My Wife Mrs.Renu K.Gianchandani , age 73 yrs has been successfully operated for DBS surgery by Dr Paresh Doshi at Jaslok Hospital on 10.11.16. Now her Parkinson's disease side effects are under control. She is happy , jolly , moves around , clear speech & normal limb movements. Jaslok's Doctors , Paramedics & support staff were treating Renu very well for early recovery Appreciation letter from Mr.Gianchandani : Read More

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