Chandru Sharma is a relaxed man now. Obviously for the following reasons.A successful DBS surgery conducted by Dr.PareshDoshi , Neurologist on his wife Sharada who when visited the doctor was in an advanced state of Parkinson’s disease and had also been suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for over 20 years. After surgery, Sharada’s OCD surgery also became completely under control. More importantly barely three days after the surgery sharada walked without anybody’s help which had moved both Chandru and his daughter to tears. Now she plays veena which she was fond playing in her younger days. Chandru’s daughter also is a relaxed person. She was 10 years when her mother showed sign of OCD. She had a miserable teenage and always in confused state because of the sufferings and violent behaviour. She was confused even when her showed love and affections towards her. Even Chandru, despite willing to explain everything to his daughter about what had been happening to Sharada, could not do so as the daughter was too young to understand Sharada’s debilitating mental illness made her suspicious of all those who dropped in at her house. She never hesitated to ask her guests what all they stole from her house. Whats more, every day morning she would pack bags and move out. Then she developed Parkinson’s. She found it hard to move without assistance. As her Dopamine producing cells were dying she had terrible pain, stiffness, tremor and severe depression. The doctors were in dilemma. Medicines for one disease were making other worse. The dopamine producing drug that she was taking played havoc with her emotions and she was in a miserable state.

As Sharada became log-like her then ten year old daughter was shattered by her suffering and violent behaviour. Chandrur calls “ Our child had miserable teenage. Even when Sharada showed love and affection the child looked confused”. Then he got to know about DBS which was being experimented in India. It is a surgical procedure which involves implantation of medical device known as brain pacemaker. The battery operated neuro stimulator sends electrical stimulation to specific areas of the brain which control the movement.

Chandru took Sharada to Dr.PareshK .Doshi of Department of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai who is also pioneer of DBS in INDIA. When I saw the patient I was quite confused as to how I am going improve her quality of life, She was in an advanced state of Parkinson’s Disease with OCD. But DBS brought her Parkinson’s under control. She could bring down the medication from 900mg to 200mg. Meanwhile she got the bonus of an accidental cure too. It was the first time that such a surgery was done on a patient having both Parkinson’s as well as OCD “ SaysDr. Joshi.

Dr. Doshi further explains about accidental cure “ Over activation of the direct pathway has been linked by some researchers to the development of the abnormal and intrusive thoughts and behaviours that are associated with OCD. The Deep Brain Stimulation that had been used in Sharada may have also reduced the hyperactivity along with the pathway by regulation through the Subthalamic nucleus [Component of brain that performs action selection] and substantianigra [ brain structure that controls movement and regulates mood].

With the Positive side effects that Sharada was benefited with after the DBS surgery was done by Dr. Joshi was a pleasant surprise for every one involved. The DBS proved double boon for the 60 year old Sharada Sharma from Thane who had been suffering from OCD for last 20 years.

Mr. David Motsonelidze from Georgia has been suffering from Parkinson ’s disease since he attained age 42. Now 51 years old Mr. David had been on medication on consultation with a Neurologist in his country and regular follow up with the Neurologist. His symptoms that were minimal initially worsened as the days progressed and the OFF period increased progressively. Last 2 years have been worse for him as he was totally dependent on family members for his daily activities. He also suffered from severe backaches that were unbearable and mild depressions for which he was on medications.

Fedup of life he decided to undergo a surgery in India and approached Dr. Paresh Doshi, Functional Neurosurgeon with a hope to becoming normal one day and doing daily activity all by himself and not depending on his family members. He also had a wish, that he would play guitar in front of his only son who after his birth never saw his father playing the instrument, fulfilled.

The DBS surgery was conducted on Mr. David in the month November 2010 after testing him to be fit for the same and getting the consent from the patient and his relatives who had come along. To our pleasant surprise, seventh day of the surgery he played guitar which the JHRC provided without any difficulty. He also sang and danced to the tune of music of the guitar. He was very excited and hilarious. We could see in his eyes that he was very eager to go home and be with his family as early as possible. He expressed his desire to get home quickly to be with his family for the Christmas and the New Year Celebrations that he has been missing for years together. He could not control his emotions and getting tears of joy in his eyes he said he would fulfil his wish of playing guitar in front of his son during the celebrations mentioned above. He thanked Dr. Paresh Doshi for the successful operation he carried on and the other members of the team for wonderful job they did. At the time of discharge he was experiencing almost continuous ON hence his medications have been decreased by 30 %. Dr. Paresh Doshi suggested for further reduction of medications once he goes back home in consultation with the Neurologist.

Now that Mr. David has reached home on the eve of Christmas day we just hope he enjoyed the festival and we are waiting eagerly a New Year Greetings from him.