Our Work

  • Over 500 Stereotactic surgeries, including 20brainstem procedures.
  • We have performed more than 235 movement disorders surgeries. This number is one of the largest in Asia and ranks very high among the leading centers in this field across the globe.
  • Largest numbers (175) of Deep Brain Stimulation surgeries have also been performed at our center.
  • We have also performed all varieties of Epilepsy surgery including Lobectomies, Awake craniotomies, corpus callosotomy and lesionectomy.
  • Extensive experience in management of spasticity.
  • The only academic Psychaitric surgical program in India offering surgery for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.
  • Only Indian centre to offer DUODOPA treatment.

Research and Training

  • All new treatments at the Jaslok hospital are conducted under the supervision of Scientific and Ethics committee.
  • Jaslok has been a training centre for Neurosurgery since 1984. Every year one neurosurgeon is trained (after a rigorous course of 5 yrs of training).
  • The functional neurosurgery department has successfully trained neurosurgeons in the field of functional neurosurgery. This is an advanced course for a duration of one year. The fellowship is extremely sought after , with a waiting period.
  • Some of the fellows trained so far, include, Dr. Niraj Chhaya, Dr. Dilraj Kudlas, Dr. D P Singh, Dr. Pranshu Bhargava, Dr. Venugopal, Dr. Dharmesh Prajapati, Dr. Srinivas Botala and Dr. Maximilliano Paez Nova

The following research projects have been completed so far :

  • “Surgery for movement disorders” (2000-2005) – Jaslok Hospital Research Trust. Cost: U.S. $ 50000.
  • “Management of Intracerebral Haematoma: Pilot study to compare Stereotactic Evacuation v/s. Medical Management” (2003-2005) – Jaslok Hospital Research Trust. Cost: U.S. $ 30000.
  • Evaluate Hardware and surgical Complications of Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery.(2006-2009)-Budget US $ 20000.
  • To study and identify the most effective targeting protocol for Subthalamic nucleus stimulation. .(2006-2009)-Budget US $ 25000.
  • Autologus Mesenchymal Stem cells implantation for Parkinson’s disease. Jaslok Hospital Research Trust. (2008-2011) Cost: US $ 30000.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of STN lesioning in Advanced Parkinson’s disease- Jaslok Hospital Research Trust. (2013- ongoing) Cost: US $ 30000.
  • Surgical treatment of Psychiatric disorders – Jaslok Hospital Research Trust. (2014- ongoing).
  • Motor cortex stimulation in post stroke patients – Jaslok Hospital Research Trust. (2014-ongoing).

We have three ongoing research projects:

  • To evaluate hardware complications following DBS
  • Identify best method for target localization for DBS
  • Autologus Mesenchymal Stem cells transplantation for PD.