Patients who have undergone DBS surgeries may sometimes not achieve good or desired relief.  There may be several causes for this:

  • Suboptimal programming of the DBS
  • Inaccurate lead placement
  • Difficult to treat symptoms, especially non-motor symptoms like sweating, sleep disturbance, numbness etc.
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Improper management with drugs
Mr.Karunakaran after DBS Reprogramming

Mr.Karunakaran after DBS Reprogramming

The working of DBS system is very complex. There are symptoms that can exclusively respond to programming, where as there are symptoms that may respond with drug adjustments. For e.g.

  • Dyskinesia: will respond to reduction in drugs, but if this bring tremors, than we have to reprogram
  • “Not feeling strong” , “Lack of energy” will respond to drug management
  • Freezing : Will respond to programming
  • Unontrolled tremors: Will respond to programming.

At our centre we have an experience of 19 years and more than 400 cases of DBS to help us understand these problems and resolve them. Dr. Doshi has been personally involved in programming all the PD patients and has yet to fail!!


We usually ask the patient to be admitted for 4-5 days for this. We perform a CT scan and if available review the previous records of the patient. If the patient is not given previous records by his doctors we can reprogram him using our algorithm from scratch. We have reporgrammed several patients from centres all across India and abroad. You can view their testimonials on

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