Surgical Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

Medical treatment is very effective in controlling most symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Most patients can carry out their daily activities on regular medications for 5 to 10 year with the help of proper medical management. A stage is reached when drugs alone cannot give adequate relief and patients’ day is interfered by repeated and sudden “off” periods. Some patients develop flowing body movements after taking medications -called dyskinesia. “Off” periods and dyskinesia are two phases of advanced Parkinson’s disease where drugs may be less effective and surgical options have an important role to play.

What are the various surgical targets for Parkinson’s disease surgery?
When should one think about surgery?
So who is the candidate for STN Lesioning?
What are the advantages of Parkinson disease surgery?
TIs there any age limit for Parkinson’s disease surgery?
Does any intercurrent disease restrict surgical option?
What tests are needed prior to surgery?
What is a typical Parkinson’s disease surgery like?
How long does the surgery take?
What type of anesthesia would I be given before the surgery?
If the patient is awake, does it not cause any discomfort or pain?
Who performs this procedure?
What are the risks of surgery?
When does the patient realize the benefit of surgery?
What should be the expected outcome of the surgery?
Will the surgery cure hallucinations?
How long does it take the full benefit of DBS to be apparent?
Can patients control the Deep Brain Stimulation device themselves?
How many programming sessions & follow ups will I need?
Whom do I call if I have any question or any problem?
Whether my non-motor symptoms will improve or not? e.g. Salivation, Constipation, Sleep disorder etc.?
How many days are required for hospitalization for surgery?
When can patient resume his daily life style after surgery?
Is Deep Brain Stimulation surgery covered by health Insurance?
Can any of the operated patients be contacted to ask their opinion?


Functional Neurosurgery program at Jaslok Hospital

Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, is the only dedicated functional neurosurgical program in India. It started performing surgeries for Parkinson’s disease in 1999. Since then we have introduced several procedures for helping PD patients. Besides this we have introduced many other neurosurgical procedures in functional neurosurgery.

Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre (Dept of Neurosciences)

The surgical team has an experience of performing more than 350 surgeries for Parkinson’s disease. The results of these surgeries have been scientifically evaluated and published.


Jaslok hospital continuously strives to attend higher and higher standards. It has undertaken several research projects to improve the quality of care of PD patients. One of the researches focused on the reuse of the pacemakers removed from other patient or the patient themselves. We have established several protocols to effectively resterilize the pacemaker and implant it safely into the patients. We have also conducted research to identify the best targeting practice for DBS. Research on the use of stem cells for PD was also conducted at our institute.

For further information contact Dr. Paresh K. Doshi, Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgeon, Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, 15, Dr. G. DeshmukhMarg, Mumbai 400 018.

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