Most Comprehensive FN Program

Functional Neurosurgery (FN) program is the only program in India to offer complete spectrum of functional neurosurgery. It has one of the largest experience.

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Research and Training

The department conducts scientific projects, trains young neurosurgeons and offer functional neurosurgical fellowship. Our work has been published.

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Human Care

We are very sensitive to the patients and their caregivers need. We understand that no one wants to visit hospital by choice and it is our endeavour to lessen their grief.

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From The Desk Of Dr. Paresh Doshi

Dr. Paresh Doshi


A recent study conducted by University of California team examined the cost effectivity of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in comparison to the best medical treatment in USA. A decision-analytic state-transition (Markov) model to project PD progression and associated costs for the two treatment strategies was used. The discounted incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) in U.S. dollars per quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) from the Medicare payer perspective, considering a ten-year horizon, and evaluated the robustness of projections through extensive deterministic sensitivity analyses was estimated.


They found that, over ten years, DBS treatment led to discounted total costs of $130,510 compared to $91,026 for BMT and added 1.69 QALYs more than BMT, resulting in an ICER of $23,404 per QALY. This ICER was relatively insensitive to variations in input parameters, with neurostimulator replacement, costs for DBS implantation, and costs for treatment of disease-related falls having the greatest effects. Across all investigated scenarios, including a five-year horizon, ICERs remained under $50,000 per QALY. Longer follow-up periods and younger treatment age were associated with greater cost-effectiveness.


DBS is a cost-effective treatment strategy for advanced PD in the U.S. healthcare system across a wide range of assumptions. DBS yields substantial improvements in health-related quality of life at a value profile that compares favorably to other well-accepted therapies.


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