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Functional Neurosurgery (FN) program is the only program in India to offer complete spectrum of functional neurosurgery. It has one of the largest experience.

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Research and Training

The department conducts scientific projects, trains young neurosurgeons and offer functional neurosurgical fellowship. Our work has been published.

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Human Care

We are very sensitive to the patients and their caregivers need. We understand that no one wants to visit hospital by choice and it is our endeavour to lessen their grief.

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From The Desk Of Dr. Paresh Doshi

Dr. Paresh Doshi

 US FDA warning on use of CT scan for neurostimulator.

Recently, the US FDA issued a  new safety notice on possible malfunction of electronic devices that can be caused by CT scanning. “FDA’s current understanding is that when a CT scanner directly irradiates the circuitry of certain implantable or wearable electronic medical devices (i.e. when the device is visible in the resulting CT image), it can cause sufficient electronic interference to affect the function and operation of the medical device,” the agency said.

“The probability that this interference can cause clinically significant adverse events is extremely low. Furthermore, the probability of x-ray electronic interference is lower when the radiation dose and the radiation dose rate are reduced,” the FDA said. “Interference is completely avoided when the medical device is outside of the primary x-ray beam of the CT scanner.”  The FDA clarifies that they not preclude from patients with device to undergo a CT scan, but remarks that,”The probability of an adverse event being caused by exposing these devices to CT irradiation is extremely low, and it is greatly outweighed by the clinical benefit of a medically indicated CT examination,” the agency said.If a CT scan is to be ordered in an area covering the pump than one should inform the patient, stop the neurostimulator and restart it after checking it once again.

CT scans have been done on all patients with implantable devices like cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps and neurostimulators. The chances of adverse events are minimal and with the improved technology these will be even lesser. One should contact their physician if they have to undergo CT scan to ensure adequate precautions are taken.

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